Elnaz Rahimi


About Architect
Elnaz Rahimi


Elnaz Rahimi, born in 1985, is an Iranian architect, author and designer.in 2014 she graduated by a master’s degree from azad university of tehran. She started her work in 2010 by writing and Translating of architectural articles and research in this field and worked with aoa institute and publication. at the same time, she learned the principles of design experimentally and worked in prestigious architectural offices such as Rai Studio (professor khazaeli) and Tiroge Design.

She has been working independently since 2016 in architecture and 3d visualization and has completed various projects in the fields of architecture for residential, villas and public spaces. she has dozens of brilliant designs and implementations in his work history.

Today, relying on the science and experience of the past, she cooperates with Remodel architectural group, and always with the aim of healing the chaos of spaces and creating relaxing environments through observing the principles and proportions of architecture and respecting the user and the environment as a whole in this direction has taken.